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Alec Benjamin – Mind Is A Prison

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Alec Benjamin is no more bizarre to powerlessness.

In any case, his new single, “Mind Is a Prison,” burrows much more profound, telling the story of the unthinkable crucial departure to one’s internal contemplation.

He paints the image of the title, his psyche as a jail, by portraying himself as:

“simply a tenant, paying rent inside this body and I/Got two windows and those windows, well I’ll consider them my eyes.”

The meloncholy verses at that point progress into a similarly genuinely crude tune, as he sings,

“Scaled the side of the structure/I hurried to the slopes till they discovered me/And they set me back in my cell/without anyone else’s input, alone with my musings again/I surmise my brain is a jail and I’m never going to get out.”

You can Download Alec Benjamin – Mind Is A Prison From FAMzic

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