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Aminé – Hungry Hippo (remix)

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Aminé pays homage to Tierra Whack

Aminé has been releasing  some songs this moment and he’s just released this one titled Hungry Hippo.

This is the remix that he has just released and it is really dope.

You gonna like it.

You can download AMINE – HUNGRY HIPPO (remix) and get the LYRICS from FAMzic

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    Hungry Hippo (remix) Aminé

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    Hungry Hippo (remix) –Aminé

    Let's just
    Let's ju-
    Let's just do this and quit acting like
    We ain't got life
    Let's just do this
    It's the remix baby (let's just do this)

    She likes my diamonds and my pearls
    I said, "Thanks my girl designed it"
    Aminé might just steal your girl
    If you call me Trey Songz, I don't mind it
    Trying, west side nigga I am
    Liking, the way that you move
    The way that you move
    It's the way that you move

    I'm on South Beach
    'Tryna leave
    High as hell, need vacancy
    Got a flight that I gotta catch
    So sober up for security
    You know TSA don't play
    These rappers get the PJ
    But they don't make PJ weigh
    It's sad cause it's so fake
    My nigga why you
    Fucking your commas up?
    Spending a grand on lunch
    You gon' be broke with that kinda stuff
    You ain't even bought your mama shit
    But you gotta spend cause you wanna look rich
    This LA living got you changing
    You out here shining on these niggas like you stainless
    You out here ballin' on these niggas, Calvin Cambridge
    Aye tell me, is this life you live worth it?
    Does the ice you rock make you painless?

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