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Best Smoking Anthems by Wiz Khalifa

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Just to Stay high.

Wiz Khalifa is undoubtably  hip-hop’s crowned ruler of smoking anthems. On a day like today, after a heavy night of partying (or so we assumed you did during the festivities, Happy New Year to y’all FAMzers), you’ll probably want nothing more than to roll up a joint or three(if you are a badass like someone we know), stay in bed, order some UberEats and chill.

Wiz can help you in making some of those plans.

Whatever you may say about other rappers, none in this modern generation can achieve the same levels of epicness that Wiz breathes into his marijuana influenced anthems. From the moment Wiz touched down, we knew he was something special. His voice, before anything else, was his best feature.

His silky smooth vocals quite reminded of us Snoop Dogg’s similar cadence and tonality, which explains why the two stoners sound so good together on singles.

We here at FAMzic went through Wiz Khalifa‘s catalog to find the best smoking anthems. Trust us when we say it was far from easy. We’d estimate that at least 75% of Wiz’s discography could be considered when gathering a list.

With several albums and mixtapes to choose from, that’s a mountain of marijuana bangers. Still, we were able to pick through the songs to highlight ones that defined moments, created trends, and influenced rituals. Kush & OJ has a massive presence on the list, of course/as it should, but you may be surprised at some of the singles that made it. There are anthems on here you may not have heard in years, and the moment they hit, so too, will the memories.

Here is our list of the best Wiz Khalifa smoking anthems.

Car Service featuring Curren$y

Bake Sale featuring Travis Scott

Featured on the KHALIFA album, “Bake Sale” unites Wiz with Travis Scott for a high octane smoking anthem. Juicy J’s ad-libs and La Flame’s chorus are our favorite part of this banger. There’s just something so satisfying about yelling “yeah hoe” while waving a monstrous blunt around in your hand.

Wiz and Travis don’t settle for getting high off the smoke, they’re hype about the edibles too.




Good Dank

Kush & OJ is the quintessential Wiz project. Tucked away on the mixtape is “Good Dank,” which hooks you immediately with a gorgeous guitar solo. Unlike most of the anthems on this list, Wiz slows it down a bit for this one. The drums are absent, and Wiz just speaks to his listeners with that smooth persona we love. Get lost in the guitar riffs and clouds of smoke.


In the Cut

Kush & OJ is going to pop up quite a bit on this list. “In the Cut” is an OG smoke anthem from Wiz. This track was one of his hottest tracks off the tape, and Wiz pushed it hard on the college circuit. The instrumental sounds like flying feels, and when you’re high, that added elevation creates the pinnacle of marijuana ambiance. “In the Cut” also helped spark the “joints only” debate that separated the blunt smokers from the doobie lovers.


“B.A.R.” is another classic. The intro to Burn After Rolling is one of Wiz’s best project openers ever. The Pittsburgh rapper has a penchant for crafting memorable choruses, but this one holds a special place in his catalog. This smoking anthem sounds best in your car, and millions of blunt rides around the nation probably took place while this song was bumping in the back. For the record, we would ever encourage driving while under the influence.

That Good with Snoop Dogg

Just in case you thought Snoop and Wiz were smoking on anything less than the best, here’s a banger to prove otherwise. This may be Snoop Dogg’s song, but Wiz’s presence on this one make it an anthem. “That Good” takes us back to the beginnings of Snoop and Wiz’s friendship. Both artists have relaxing and silky vocals, and together, they construct some of the smoothest bangers in all of hip-hop. “That Good” is no exception.


Never Been

There was a whole moment in hip-hop where Wiz fans just walked around saying “She say she never beeen,” in an exaggerated Pittsburgh accent. “Never Been” has such a unique instrumental that you might find yourself rewinding the intro of the song several times just to soak in the energy. Although arguments can be made for several Kush & OJ singles, “Never Been” is the most refined and well-executed smoking anthem on the classic mixtape. When my crew meets someone who has never been high before, this is the song we throw on to help set the ambiance for the first magical experience. That’s how powerful this single is.


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