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Blackpink – Kill This Love

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Blackpink is back with “Kill This Love” download mp3 below!!!

BLACKPINK released their new single “Kill This Love” yesterday on digital platforms together with their new EP of the same name.

Yesterday, the lead single’s music video also premiered.

Since the music video hit YouTube, it has been less than 24 hours and its viewership is that of over 45 million plays. H-U-G-G-E. Is this amazing success worth the music video?

Okay, yeah. It’s an amazing, over – the-top, high-budget music video, probably one of the best of BLACKPINK, and I get so many repetitive views from the all-female k-pop band fans.

But… is the song worthy of the success it has? The answer to me is “no.”

I already knew “Kill This Love” would be a worldwide chart-topping hit because the hype was massive and we’re talking about BLACKPINK, the world’s hottest pop group at the moment.

But the song is “JUST OK” in itself. I heard BLACKPINK completely better. “Kill this love” gives me vibes of 2NE1 and not in the right way.

Download mp3: Blackpink – Kill This Love from FAMzic

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