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Cardi B says “:Bada Ba Ba Ba I’m F***king Him” And Goes Home To Offset

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Cardi B  is feeling ecstatic after her success  in Australia and New Zealand.

Cardi B is definitely one of the most unpredictable artists in the music industry right now.

While her music speaks for itself, her skills as an entertainer are definitely what got her to this level.

We at FAMzic say that Cardi B can easily be considered one of the two top female rappers in the world and her fame has risen to astronomical points.

The former Love & Hip-Hop star has always been known to be a “badass without filter”.

She is not scared to get a little controversial or unconventional, which happened during her run in Australia.

The star ended up cutting her show midway to pick out her wedgie backstage and she decided to clap back at a fan who told her she looked like she had male genitals under her swimsuit

In her most recent Instagram post, Cardi B got pretty bold as she celebrated her upcoming flight home to America.

Much of her speech was just sound effects and screaming until she blurted out the following to the tune of the McDonald’s jingle: “Bada ba ba ba, I’m fucking him.”

It seems  to us like Cardi B is pretty excited to get back home to her estranged husband.

They appear to have an agreement where they can still get physical when she wants, which is pretty much more of a “friends with benefits” type of relationship.

Will we see another Puerto Rico jetski incident?


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