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Cassie Has Deleted All Her Instagram Photos For A Fresh New Start This 2k19

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Fresh year 2k19, Fresh Cassie 2k19.

This brand new year is bringing on a totally fresh Cassie, or so it seems to us here at FAMzic.

The “Me & U” singer has  deleted all her pictures from Instagram (yeah, mostly all her photos except for three images).

This is to probably show that she’s on a whole new vibe for  this 2k19. The three photos she left  on her Instagram feed shows a lot of love for her family (how did we know? From the captions) as well as an equal amount of love for her new boo.

If you didn’t know before, let’s inform you that Cassie and Diddy split about three months ago and after their break-up, the mother of Diddy’s children, Kim Porter, sadly passed away. Cassie reportedly made a visit to the Combs family and shared a touching message about Kim.

“There are no words…. An amazing mother to her beautiful family, lit up every room she entered and now the most beautiful angel 💔 Sending so much love and my condolences to the Porter and Combs family,” she wrote. “[…] Puff you are already the best father. I know you will be amazing…”

Before Cassie debuted a photo of her new boo, Diddy shared a post that shows Cassie in the bathtub, (seems he still appreciates the memories they’ve shared together) that was seemingly back from the good ol’ days of their relationship.

The Twitterverse couldn’t help but comment on Diddy getting shut down, creating all kinds of hilarious memes on the matter.

Diddy putting up a pic of Cassie on insta saying he loves her and Cassie putting up a pic kissing her new fella in response is the energy I’m taking into 2019,” one user wrote, while another added: “Diddy Let Cassie slip away and now she with a white man, Diddy you had 11 years b.”


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