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Jennifer Lopez – Medicine ft French Montana

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Jennifer Lopez has recently released a new music and it’s “Medicine”.Download mp3: Jennifer Lopez – Medicine.

You know that I’m not a Medicine fan. It’s too dated, and it can do better for Jennifer Lopez. Whoever the producer gave her this beat, he really must hate Jennifer and wish her musical career to be quickly extinguished. But a little bit, too, I blame Jennifer.

Doesn’t she already have an experienced sound-current and hit-worthy “ear” for music? So yeah, “Medicine” isn’t too good, and since it was released last week, I’ve seen how it dropped on the iTunes chart.

It’s about to leave the Top 40, like this post. Told you already.

But… the “Medicine” music video, which Jennifer premiered last night  on YouTube, is mind-blowingly good.

I always speak the truth and this music video is fire. It’s the best music video of Jennifer Lopez that I can remember at this precise moment of me writing this blog post. It’s high budget, I love the circus feel of it, Jennifer Lopez stunning in very look, the attention to detail is top-notch, and I’m honestly having a hard time picking a favorite scene.

You can download mp3: Jennifer Lopez – Medecine from FAMzic

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    Medicine Jennifer Lopez ft French Montana

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